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KATO - G is a naturally derived innovative organic product which enhances soil health and has ability to keep the crops healthy.
KATO - G works as soil conditioner, plant health booster and helps in increasing the crop yields.
KATO - G enhances the ability of plants to uptake plant nutrients, alters the soil texture and thus increases the water holding capacity of soil.
KATO - G increases the capacity of plants for uptake of silica. The silica uptake helps in increasing resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, improvement of other nutrient imbalances, prevention of logging and plays an important role in increasing physical and chemical plant defense mechanisms against sucking insects like Heliothises, Bollworms, Stem borer and Fruit borer.
Plant Metabolite : 15%
Organic Derivatives : 9%,
Amino Acids : 3%
Humus : 3%
Oorganic Stabilizers : 70%
Total : 100%.
Crops: Paddy, Groundnut, Potato, Sugarcane, Chilli, Brinjal, Bhendi, Cucumber and other Vegetable crops.
Dosage: 4KG per acre.