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JEEVAN is a botanical oil-based, broad-spectrum, contact fungicide & bactericide that kills fungal and bacterial diseases such as grey mold, powdery mildew and blight on all crops. Fungicide and Bactericide Concentrate JEEVAN can be used on all cereals, pulses, fruits and vegetables crops, ornamentals and any other garden plants for both indoor and outdoor applications. Dilute JEEVAN concentrate 1 ml in 1 lt water. Apply as a foliar treatment for crops. Application can be made at any time during growing season when fungal diseases symptoms first begin to appear. Repeat applications at every 5-7 days, or as necessary to maintain desired level of control.
PRECAUTIONARY STATEMENTS: Flammable liquid and vapor. May cause an allergic skin reaction and respiratory irritation. Keep away from the reach of children. For agricultural use only.