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BOLT  is a research product manufactured by using a amazing fusion of natural extracts. It acts as Plant Growth Promoter and, also  an effective remedy for repelling Brown Plant Hoppers, Thrips, Aphids, Jassids, White fly, Mango Hoppers, Flea Beetle and Red mites. BOLT is non toxic and totally safe for environment, human beings, birds & animals.

Direction For Use:
Dilute BOLT in water at 6 gm per 15 litre of water and stir well before spraying. Repeat application at intervals of 15 - 20 days. Spray early morning or at the time of sunset for good effect. Do not spray at noon or at high temperature. BOLT can be mixed with all kinds of Agro Sprays.

Composition :
Limonoids 05% w/w
Triterpenes 05% w/w
Mellantriol 4.5% w/w
Atherina Extract 40% w/w
Inter Carrier 45.5% w/w

Safety Directions:
Wash hands thoroughly after use. Avoid contact with skin & eyes. Do no swallow.

Storage: Store in a dark, cool place to keep away from sunshine.

For Agriculture use only.

Warranty: Since the storage and use of the product is beyond our control, We cannot assume any responsibility other than uniform quality of the product.